Here at JCJ, we are so grateful for the amazing people we get to work with. Whether we are designing a one of a kind item or helping our customers shop for gifts, it is truly an honor to create special pieces of jewelry to cherish for a lifetime. Here are a few of our favorite customer experience reviews and insights:



Christopher. Lincoln, ME.

Jennifer Cervelli Jewelry is awesome! I had a special challenge when I wanted to replace my girlfriend's lost ring- make one that's similar to the old one, but also unique and new at the same time. JCJ helped walk me through the process, getting the size right, choosing some fresh but familiar style notes, and settling on the final design. The finished project was delivered to her, carefully packaged, with a personal note. I am very pleased with how it turned out. My girlfriend says this ring means even more to her than the old one did. I highly recommend Jennifer Cervelli Jewelry, and I look forward to my next occasion to buy a beautiful piece of handcrafted jewelry.

 Sterling Silver Flower Ring


Lauren, John, & Makena. Santa Monica, CA

What was the occasion for or meaning behind the gifts?

They have all been very dear purchases. We purchased our wedding bands, which are so special to us. We will wear these for the rest of our lives. They are still in perfect condition after a year and a half of wearing them daily. Having a custom created piece from an artisan was important to us.

The David Bowie earrings and anchor necklace were both birthday gifts for Lauren. The Bowies are perfect for Lauren, who is a fan of music in general, and loves David Bowie. They are a fantastic accessory to her wardrobe, and she loves showing them off at concerts.

David Bowie Ziggy Stardust Lightning Bolt Earrings


The anchor necklace was a gift (from Jen!) with the beautiful words and symbolism of Lauren as a rock and anchor for her family and daughter.

Anchor Necklace

The custom necklace for Lauren’s daughter was absolutely perfect for her. The gorgeous light colors and lovely pearls are so darling and dainty for a girly little girl who loves wearing jewelry that isn’t costume-y, but feminine and slightly mature.

Princess Freshwater Pearl Necklace


How does this jewelry make you feel?

John: I feel like the ring is perfect for me. It’s rugged, outdoorsy, and sturdy. It is a reflection of who I am.

Lauren: I love all of my jewelry. The ring is absolutely perfect. It matches my engagement ring perfectly. Together they’re a perfect set. I wanted something simple and traditional for days that I have to be in the field and work in the garden.

JCJ 14k Rose Gold and Sterling Silver Wedding Bands

The anchor necklace is my absolute favorite.  The symbolism is so significant to me. It is a gorgeous reflection of challenges I’ve faced, and I feel like it symbolizes the strength of a sailor. It was given with the words “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors,” and it means so much to have been given it. It’s delicate, subtle and dainty, and easy to wear with anything. I love it so much.

The Bowie earrings are the coolest piece of jewelry I own. I feel like it reflects my love of music, and a quirky and unique style, like the man himself. They are so special to me, and again, were an absolutely perfect gift.


What feedback would you like to share about your experience with JCJ?

We have nothing but good things to say about all of our purchases from JCJ. Jen was highly communicative, and understood how hectic things can be when planning a wedding. She was prompt, thorough, and met our desires perfectly. She asked all of the right questions to get the information that she needed to deliver. We’ve loved everything that we have purchased from her, and we referred her to another friend who bought her wedding ring through Jen as well. We will continue to purchase from her and trust that the quality will always be excellent. Her craftsmanship speaks for itself.