Fire Opal Necklace with Half Crescent Moon #053

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 This unique and stunning necklace is handmade using recycled sterling silver and a gorgeous one of a kind fire opal gemstone that is set in a vintage inspired setting that hangs from a beautiful hand cut rose gold crescent half moon. The chain is an 18 inch sterling silver vintage inspired chain. 

Fire Opal is a stone of luck, abundance, creativity and love. It enhances intuition and helps you trust your instincts.

Fire opal is a love stone. opal promotes loyalty in all kinds of love, from higher love, to love of self, platonic love, and passionate love. Opal brings its creative spirit into relationships, bringing renewal and joy.

Opal is October’s birthstone. it is a stone of love and passion, with gorgeous rainbow flashes. It is known as the “stone of happy dreams and changes” and helps one understand higher powers of intuition.

100% handmade in Hermosa Beach, California USA using recycled metals and sustainable materials. This necklace is ready to ship! We are a proud California Certified Green Business.